Senin, 25 April 2011

Home Design Ideas For Family

A residential building which is inhabited by those who have a family, most likely will also be filled by their presence. Well, often in designing and managing the home (Design Architect) we tend, selfish, in the sense of arrangement is only an ideal home for adults only. For that, it would not hurt us review the 10 tips in designing / managing home building (design architect) so that our homes be homes, friendly for children.
1. Pages Home page is an area that became a playground of children, especially when the size of your yard large enough. If by chance the road in front of the house often passed the vehicle, give security in the form of a fence to block children's access to the highway. Fence design should be selected that patterned vertical lines so as not to attract interest for climbing by children.
2. Wall The walls of the house ((design architect)) is a favorite place for children to be creative, especially for those new to learn about writing instruments. Do not block their creativity while scrawling because it will affect less well on their mental development. You can use the right paint or wall paint with semi gloss finshing so easy to clean the house wall. There are many brands of paint interior / exterior paint that provides the kind of case, you can ask the paint store / building materials nearby. Another alternative is to provide a special place in the form of a white board covered walls wide enough as a venue for creative doodles for the children in your home.
3. Floor It is better to choose a ceramic floor (design architect) that anti-slip or lining the floor of the house with a coating, especially in areas that often become their playground. Put a mat on the floor that tends to damp locations such as near the bathroom door. When you install the mat, select a mat that is attached to the floor so as not to make your child from slipping. Meeting the corners of the floor pointed at the floor like a terrace house can be anticipated by installing stepnosing.
4. Furniture For home furnishings such as sofas, select the materials, motifs and colors of stain resistant due to act of the children. If not, you can give a coating that can be removed to be washed when dirty. Do not use furniture (design architect) with sharp corners, so vulnerable in the event of collision. Child's bed also should not be too high so dangerous if they fell out of bed. Classified type of table glass table which is susceptible to the children, so that should not be used or you can provide security in the form of a relatively thick cloth cap. Placement of seats (design architect) equipped with a kind of wheel chair in the office upstairs should you look at, to avoid danger if made toy cars by children near the stairs.

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