Jumat, 29 April 2011

Idea Modern Minimalist Home Design

For those of you who want to build a house, following tips taken from my experiences. Hopefully useful for my friends if you will be building a house.
1. If you want to save money, better interior design house plan drawings alone with my husband / wife. There are many design software you can use. For example, Microsoft Visio Technical (this is what I use because it is more user friendly), if more control can use autocad. Using Visio is enough, stay later how to explain the images into a design contractor and interior design contractor who will work on the house.
2. Drawings and plans at Home Design musyawarahkan first joint husband / wife and if necessary with parents / in-law and artisans. This is related to land use and can be a good room arrangement. This is very important in making a new home, because the concept of each person can vary, better discussed together.
3. Select and design contractor and Design Services Houses are good, if I could have known in advance or have been here working. This is very important because it relates to the quality of homework. Modern Home Design who want to be occupied will want durable and long lasting. Credibility is also important interior design contractor. Do not let the wrong choice and regret it later.
4. Create a letter of agreement on a paper about the house work with builders / contractors. This is important regarding the rights and obligations of each party. There are several types of contracts, there is a contract per meter building (bulk materials and wages), there is a per meter of wages (wage contract), and others. Use the most suitable to you.
5. If you want to start building, please take care of IMB (Building Permit) if you do not already have it. There should also planned to sign up electricity and make wells / drill when starting to build.
6. Plan funds for your Modern Home Design as much as possible. That is not to use the money as much as possible but take advantage of existing funds as possible. Goods and materials to build the different types and quality. This is where you need to be selective in buying and using goods on the market. If funds are not unlimited is certainly not a masasalah. If I was really a concern, because funding for Interior Design Services contractor that we have extremely limited. Can build up to stand alone we are very grateful, although there are still many pending its completion, here and there.
7. Choose a place to buy goods or materials are nice and cheap. Every seller must have a different price. You can just look that match the bag.
8. If you ask for goods delivered to the Modern Home, please at prediction time delivery. Sometimes the time of delivery delays, it can cause the material can not be done by the contractor and interior design services house so that the time spent on houses are often delayed. If possible, goods and materials had been prepared one or two days before the interior contractor to do it.

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